Reading Aloud

This is probably one of the most simple, but useful things I’ve realized in my teaching experience so far: reading aloud to students is extremely important.

I’ll say it again, reading aloud to students is extremely important [my Diagnostic/Remedial Reading professor would be so proud!]

There are plenty of positives to reading aloud:

  • to introduce a topic
  • to model correct, fluent reading
  • exposing students to more difficult or new texts
  • engaging students in auditory ways
  • break from the text, ability to listen and enjoy

reading aloudReading aloud is useful for all students—high achievers can listen along without worry of reading interrupted by annotations, low-achievers can catch up to their peers in their reading, and students with disabilities/ESL students will be able to understand the text better, etc.

I’ve used reading aloud in my clinical placements and I plan to integrate it in my future classroom as well!

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