Homeschool & Microschool Consulting Services


Marisa Donnelly started a microschool & educational services business. She is passionate about sharing resources through consulting services.


Marisa Donnelly, M.Ed., Founder of Donnelly’s Daily Apple, started a full-time microschool in the heart of the global health crisis of 2020-2021 to support her dyslexic son and peers in her local community. From building curriculum and sourcing resources, to creating a digital platform and raising awareness through social media, she’s done it all and is passionate about helping other parents do it, too. This is why she offers robust Homeschool & Microschool Consulting services to people in the San Diego area and otherwise.

Through Marisa’s consulting services, you can learn how to start your homeschool process, research potential opportunities and/or find the right fit for your child(ren), source curriculum, ensure that your content aligns with state standards, and provide a truly robust and purposeful experience for your family and those involved.

Plus, Marisa’s main educational business, Donnelly’s Daily Apple, has been providing services—including part-time homeschool programs, small-group learning, one-on-one learning, tutoring, and homeschool support—for almost ten years, both online and in the San Diego, California area. So, even if you are not looking to start a school, she can provide resources and insight for other educational opportunities from an expert lens.

To learn more about Marisa’s microschool experience and passion behind her consulting services, head to Microschooling Mama.
Or, view Donnelly Daily Apple’s Instagram & The Microschooling Mama Instagram.

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