504’s and IEP’s — What Are Those?

Have you seen the latest internet trend, ‘What Are Those?’ Well, I can almost guarantee your students have. It started with a silly vine of someone making a comment on someone else’s shoes. Now it’s viral on the internet!

A silly internet trend, yes. But I have to say, when I first got an email about my students in 504 Plans, that exact question, in that exact inflection, ran through my head: 504 Plans? What are thoseeeee? Continue reading

Accommodating for Diverse Learners

Early in my college career I learned the importance of accommodating for different types of students: minorities, low-achieving, mentally-handicapped students, students with learning disabilities, students with behavior problems, gifted/talented students, etc.

One of my earlier education classes, Exceptional Learners, focused on accommodating for diverse learners. In this class, I did a presentation on gifted/talented students. This can be viewed by clicking here. Continue reading