Student Humor

My students say the darndest things!
Little tidbits from students that will make you smile πŸ™‚

A Back To School Video Your Students Need To Watch Right Now - "Students: How psyched are you to have the opportunity to learn about out the universe and its inhabitants for several hours a day at no cost to you?!"
16 Things Only Middle School Teachers Can Understand - A few weeks ago, I published this--a humorous article about being a middle school teacher--on Thought Catalog.Β Its pretty true, and still makes me laugh. πŸ™‚
My Kids Write the Darndest Things! (Halloween Style) - Okay, this one made me crack up. (And cry a little on the inside)
My Kids Say the Darndest Things, Part 4 - Oh boy, being a high school student teacher at age twenty-two, while looking like a high schooler myself, has its challenges for sure! One of those is when a typical teenage boy writes something flirty on the white board for you to see after class.
My Kids Say the Darndest Things, Part 3 - Being a teacher means there's no shortage of laughs. This is the latest, written in a formal essay about Hemingway's Old Man and the Sea. Sometimes you just have to laugh.
My Kids Say the Darndest Things, Pt. 2 - Being a teacher means you're constantly surrounded by kiddos---and some of them are going to make you laugh out loud. In my American Seminar class, I had an essay question as part of our Mid-Book Quest (Quiz-Test) and here's something one of my kids wrote that made me chuckle.
My Kids Say the Darndest Things! (A Little Humor for Your Monday) - I'm having my English 10 students write in first person--narrative, autobiographical papers and journals. These can be tough because they're a mix of conversational and academic writing...but sometimes I just have to laugh at the hilarious, ridiculous things they write.