Evaluations and Assessments of My Teaching

Weekly Assessments of Student Teaching

Reflections on my student teaching performance from my cooperating teachers, Deadra Stanton (Mason City High School) and Emily Sopko (Forest City Middle School).

Assessments of INTASC Standards

Assessment of meeting the INTASC Standards in my student teaching experience by cooperating teachers, Deadra Stanton and Emily Sopko.

Formal Observations by Waldorf College Education Dept.

Formal observations of my student teaching by the Waldorf College Education Department.


Self-evaluations of both my student teaching and full-time teaching experiences.

Cooperating Teacher Evaluations

Formal evaluations of my student teaching experiences at Mason City High School and Forest City Middle School by cooperating teachers, Deadra Stanton and Emily Sopko.

Evaluations by Building Principal

Evaluation of my student teaching experience at Mason City High School by building principal, Daniel Long.

General Notes

Notes and comments on my teaching from a Mason City High School substitute and students.