Client Reviews

We have the opportunity to work with students of all ages, levels, and abilities. Browse our client reviews to learn more about what we do, why we do it, and the impact individualized learning can have on your child(ren)!

“One of my students started working with Miss Donnelly and within a few short weeks, I saw marked improvement in his reading in class. He comes to class after his tutoring sessions with a positive outlook and understanding of his learning challenges. He is always happy to share with me about his achievements during hisContinue reading “Cara Dunn (3rd Grade Teacher of Tutoring Student)”

Cara Dunn (3rd Grade Teacher of Tutoring Student)

“[My son] loved Marisa! I strongly recommend Marisa as a professional, effective, and personable tutor for young children.”

Fritz Healey (Parent Of Student With Dyslexia)

“I just want to thank you for the work you did with [my daughter]. When I asked her how it went, she said, “I loved it! Can I do that again?”

Katie C. (Parent of 1st Grader)

“The best part is, my son LOVES going to see Marisa and reading/writing is no longer a chore for him.”

Shannon J. (Parent of 1st Grade Student) Shannon Jones, Client Testimony

“Miss Marisa sincerely cared about his education. We highly recommend Miss Marisa, as she is an excellent teacher!”

Marissa B. (Parent of 5th Grade Student) Marissa Braun, Client Testimony

“We so appreciate everything you have done for our son. You pushed him and he rose to the occasion. We can tell that he enjoyed this year!”

Carla Q. (Parent, 6th Grade Student) Miss Donnelly's Daily Apple

“We can’t thank you enough for what you’ve done for our daughter. We are committed to [working with] you and this process.”

Mishelle B. (Parent of 7th Grade Student)

“I liked the small group size. I really learned a lot and it made school fun.”

Austin T. (5th Grade Student)

“I love how engaging you are! There’s a big difference between tutoring and teaching and I love that you teach AND make the learning fun.”

Ora D. (Parent of 10th Grade Student) Miss Donnelly's Daily Apple