Behavior Management

Strategies for behavior management and classroom productivity. Focused on the secondary level, but can be applied to all ages.

Class Dojo - Have you heard of Class Dojo? This is an awesome way for teachers and parents to stay connected and stay updated on student behavior.
Thinking About Behavior Management - Behavior management. Sigh. This is something I struggle with, especially in the transition from high school to middle school.
Task List/Work Day - What's the solution to disruptive, easily-distracted students while not taking anything away from productive, doing-what-they're-supposed-to students? For me, and for my English 10 classes, the solution was a Task List/Work Day.
Classroom Organization – Computer Cards - In the week before classes began, I made these handy-dandy mini-binders what would be a great way to organize my class periods and computer information.
Name Tags! - One of the first activities I had my new students do is make name tags. Okay, sounds a little elementary, right? Wrong. Even though making name tags on the first day might be something done back in Kindergarten, there’s a way to make it relevant for even secondary students. [Or at least somewhat!] And that’s by making it a name activity rather than just a tag.
Welcome to My Classroom - I don't like the phrase 'classroom rules'. I prefer 'classroom expectations,' so that's what I implemented and talked about my first day of my first placement at Mason City High School.
Appointment Clocks - Here’s a little something I came across in one of my earlier clinical placements:
Philosophy of Behavior Management - I believe that through creating a curriculum that is driven, focused, and engaging, I will foster inherent behavior management in my classroom that will not only motivate my students to be self-directed learners, but also ensures that together we are accountable for their learning.
Social Contract - As a future English teacher, my job is to make sure my classroom is safe, fun, orderly, and effective. One of the most basic ways I can do this is through a Social Contract.
Behavior Contract - Spring 2013: In the Special Education class I observe for my clinicals, I have had the chance to interact with and observe a particular student with behavior and discipline issues. This student has little to no desire to complete work, to make-up late assignments, or to even show up to classes. Some of his behaviorsContinue reading "Behavior Contract"