If You Need Some Organization Help For Parent-Teacher Conferences, Look No Further

So you’re stressed about conferences. (Don’t worry, this is normal!) But there’s honestly no reason to be, especially with the super handy Class Tag program.

Okay, so what is Class Tag? It’s a computer-based program that allows you to customize, organize, and schedule your parent-teacher conferences with ease. (And in under five minutes, can you believe it?!)

First Step, Schedule Your Timeslots.

This is where you will choose the times you are available, so that parents know when they can sign up, and you’ll have feedback about who and when.

Next, enter parent email addresses.

Can you say easy? Copy email addresses with commas or semicolons inbetween, or, even better, paste an Excel spreadsheet!

Then personalize.

This is the fun part. Add a customized message for parents, plus select your school, grade level, and personal password information so that you can access and view the conference.

When you’re done, hit the ‘Preview Email’ button to view, then hit ‘Create Your Conference!’ Yes, it’s really that easy. Has it even been five minutes??

Want a visual? Check out this video:

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