Intro to Making Connections

Today was my first day with my Book Club students, so to get to know them (there’s only five!) and to introduce the topic we’d be covering in the first few weeks, I created an intro activity!

The focus of this section of Book Club is on making connections. To start, I had my students create little name sheets with 3 facts about them that I wouldn’t know just from looking at them. Some students wrote about their pets, favorite subject in school, etc. Then they got to decorate their sheets, share them, and keep them in their folders. This was super easy, but a nice way for me to get to know them.

justlikemeprevAfter that, I gave each student a Just Like Me activity that helped them to build connections with one another (a perfect introduction to Making Connections, which is our topic for this section!)

The activity asked students to find peers (or teachers!) with something similar–same eye color, type of pet, or hobby, for example. Since this was such a small group, we were all able to talk with one another and get to know one another’s names!

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