Point of View Paper

To change up activities for To Kill a Mockingbird, I had the students write the scene at the Radley House (where Jem, Scout, and Dill try to peer through the window and Jem loses his pants) through the eyes of one of the characters.

This would be an opportunity for creative writing and looking at the story from a new lens.

TKAM pov paper

I gave them about 10-15 minutes to work independently, then I put them in small groups with people that didn’t write from the same perspective and had them share! I then asked one student from each group, making sure I had at least one of every perspective, share theirs with the whole class!

This was a fun break from the regular discussion/analyzing of the text and helped the students to see the story from a new lens. Plus, a lot of them had fun with it! Some students wrote in Southern dialect or even embellished the story, adding detail and description that was unique to their character!

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