7th Tuesday Reading Quiz

Want to check that your students are reading? Here’s a simple quiz you can give them over the “Seventh Tuesday”.

Call me mean, but I wanted to see if my students were reading. I had spent the last two days working with them in-class and reading aloud…so I wanted to see if they followed directions and read independently for homework.

As the bell rang to start class, I had everyone clear their desks and get out a half-sheet of paper. I projected these questions on the board and scored the students out of 6 total points.

Part Two & Seventh Tuesday Reading Quiz:

[Please write your answers on a separate sheet of paper]
  1. Where did Morrie work before becoming a professor?
*1 pt. extra credit if you can give the name of the place.
2. What’s the topic of the Seventh Tuesday
3. The first line of ‘Seventh Tuesday’ says, “Morrie lost his battle.” What battle did he lose?

A simple and easy way to check on your students’ reading for Tuesdays with Morrie.

Download the quiz here: Part 2 & 7th Tuesday Quiz

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